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Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists use a standardized, functional, and outcomes-oriented approach to care that focuses specifically on the patient's goals and needs. Through an active and educational continuum of treatment, our therapists assist the patient in returning to normal, daily activities as soon as possible. By providing a comprehensive education in anatomy, pathology, and body mechanics, the patient is empowered to participate in his or her recovery.

Hand Therapy/ Certified Hand Therapists

Our highly skilled hand therapists are proficient in the treatment of hand and upper extremity pathologies, from the acute to the chronic. Under the direction of the referring physician, our team designs each treatment based on the physician's diagnosis and the specific needs of the patient. Conditions treated include, but are not limited to arthritis, fractures, tendon injuries, peripheral nerve injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, crush injuries, and repetitive motion disorder. The scope of hand/occupational therapy services offered includes wound and scar management, edema control, pain control, the range of motion exercises, work hardening, work stimulation, strengthening, static and dynamic splint fabrication, and dexterity training among others.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

This three to five-hour evaluation is designed to help determine a person's ability to safely function in their typical work environment. It evaluates strength, flexibility, and capacity to perform work tasks, such as lifting, carrying, kneeling and squatting, etc. In this way, the client and industrial rehabilitation team can determine an individual's current capabilities and develop a treatment plan to design a safe return to work.

Work Hardening Program

Our Work Hardening is a target orientated program that uses a multi-dimensional approach to help the injured worker's safe return to work. It incorporates: checking and developing physical tolerance; regaining flexibility, mobility, and strength; and learning safer work techniques; among other things.